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Animal Osteopathy

Animal Osteopathy is the fastest-growing profession in the field of animal healthcare worldwide. Animal Osteopaths use similar techniques and principles on dogs and horses. Since animals cannot inform us on the presenting complaint, clinical reasoning is primarily based on thorough observation and detailed examination. 

Common conditions treated include:

  • lameness

  • gait asymmetry

  • discomfort

  • stiffness

  • arthritis

  • digestive disturbance

  • behavioural changes

  • impaired fluid flow

The Osteopath will address any tensions and restrictions in order to improve the structure and normalise function.

Your dog or horse will benefit from the treatment on different aspect such as:

  • increase performance

  • relieve pain

  • improve body function

  • increase flexibility and mobility

  • improve blood circulation

  • reduce the risk of recurring injuries.


All of this positively influences the behaviour, the health and the longevity of your dog and horse.

General Equine Osteopathic Treatment on a thoroughbred

 General Canine Osteopathic Treatment 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 7.28.52 AM.png

Jean Christophe Monnerville

Master in Osteopathy, UK Diploma in Animal Osteopathy, NZ.

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